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Would you like to improve the visibility of your website in the search engines, gain more traffic, more leads and ultimately, more sales?

If so, maybe we can help…

You can tap into our team of SEO experts who have years of professional experience in supporting business owners like you with:

We help your website to not only look good, but also to rank high in Google, bring in more website traffic and ultimately increase your bottom line PROFITS.

Client Case Study and Proof… Pt. 1 of 2

“I am in the commercial loan business which has been greatly affected by the economy. Without question you have dramatically upgraded the quality of our website. This has been the major key to the improvement of our business and survival of our company.

What really amazes me is that you knew relatively little about my business when we first met and you were able to design an industry specific website of the highest quality. The quality of your work is reflected in the quality of the customers that we are now getting from your brilliant website design.

Previously, before you improved our website, we would very rarely get someone who qualified for our services from our website. Often they did not have the credit or money to qualify for a loan. Now, we are getting a much higher percentage of people who have the financial means to do a loan with us.

One other thing we especially appreciate is that you have worked beyond what we have paid you for. You’ve done extra things to improve our website. We also appreciate that you make yourself available when we need to reach you to make quick changes and additions to the website.

Without you, we are not sure our business would have survived.”

With gratitude,

Terry Painter, President
Terry Painter, President
Apartment Loan Store

Client Case Study Continued… Pt. 2 of 2

With Terry’s business, we increased traffic to double the previous amount and without sending additional visitors. Here’s how we did it:

Terry’s ApartmentLoanStore.com website had a 63%+ bounce rate according to Google Analytics, a website traffic tracking tool, which indicated that 63 out of  Terry’s 100 website visitors immediately left within 5 seconds. Once his site went through our redesign service, the high bounce rate fell to 30%. In other words, he managed to re-gain about 30 visitors.

This resulted in:

  • double the amount of traffic
  • quadruple the amount of leads
  • and double the quality of their leads.

We literally saved their company just by using our professional website design service.


“How affordable are you?”

Very good question.

If you want to consider “costs” or “affordability”… it can cost you $5,000 or more with a “reputable” design company who know NOTHING about SEO,  or the first thing about converting your visitors into leads or sales. Simply put, you could fork out thousands of your hard earned money and still get zero results (apart from a great looking website fit to win design awards).

We could easily charge over $5,000 for a professionally designed, search engine AND visitor optimized website that gets DOUBLE the value of what others offer – but we’re nowhere close to that price range.

In fact, let’s not even talk about that just yet. First, allow us the opportunity to run a FREE ANALYSIS of your website. We’ll then proceed from there…

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To get started, just request a free analysis of your website. A report will be sent over to you within 24 hours. It’s alright if you’re not interested in the re-design. Our TRUE focus is to get you ranking higher in the search engines, get more targeted traffic, more leads, more sales and more bottom line profits.

If your website is ready for that (and we’ll let you know), then fill in the details below right away.

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